KOMIKET 2017 at Elements Centris

Komiket year three was amazing. It was smaller compared last year, but it was jam packed! Our shop eenieminniemo usually sell crochet accessories and stationery aside from my original art prints. For this years Komiket, we decided to focus more on showcasing my artworks rather than the crafts we make.


I also launched a new product called “The Rabbids” of The Rabbid Army. They are miniature handmade sculptures with a deep dark secret behind each of their masks. They are about 2.5 inches tall and are made out of polymer clay with a crochet mask and a carrot so they won’t go hungry.


Initially, I had ten of them for rehoming. The first one got to find his forever home a couple of minutes after the event opened. I was so shocked. After a while, one by one, they captured the hearts of others. By the end of the day, only three of them were left and a few minutes before closing, the one in the middle of the photo was adopted out too.


When I started making “The Rabbids” I made them for myself. I knew that if I saw something like them in a store, that I would buy them in a heartbeat. I never expected other people to like them too.


Drawings above are by Giosdesk



When I was in college, I had a professor who I looked up to and idolized. I remember saving up to attend one of his workshops. I “stalked” his profile to check if he had new caricatures and new “BAKA” merchandise. I would talk about how witty the “BAKA” franchise was for hours.

To cut it short, last Saturday, I saw my former professor checking out comics at the booth right next to mine. I wanted to flee and hide, I guess it was because I didn’t know how to approach him or talk to him and sort of felt embarrassed that I dropped out of college. I didn’t want to disappoint one of my idols and former mentors.

I finally mustered the courage to say hello. He asked me about my artworks and where I worked now. I was so proud to say that I am now working as an illustrator and join bazaars to sell my artworks. He took notice of my Rabbids and I told him about the concept, how they’re blind boxes (but you can see them) where each Rabbid has a different secret behind its mask. He immediately said “I’ll support you!” and chose one of the Rabbids for rehoming. I was shocked and amazed that he took one home. It was the best feeling ever. I was literally shaking and couldn’t stop smiling. (Hence my face in the photo)

Thank you so much Mr. Meneer Marcelo for supporting my work and for being one of the best mentors ever! You have always inspired me to think outside the box and to never stop making art. Welcome to The Rabbid Army!

I cannot wait for another event like this. I am so exciting to put my other plans for world domination in action.

The army is getting bigger.



I wasn’t always fond of animals. I was terrified of dogs when I was young. Maybe because I was tiny and they were most of the time bigger than me.  When I grew a bit bigger, I started bringing home abandoned kittens and feeding stray cats.

I later on found out that there was such a thing called an animal welfare organization. I followed one in particular, CARA Welfare Philippines, and when I was in between jobs, my mom told me that there was a job opportunity there and, immediately, I took a shot at it. Luckily, I got hired and had the opportunity to work with the board members, volunteers, clients, and of course the animals for a while.

My stay in an animal welfare organization was an emotional roller coaster. We had a non-profit veterinary clinic where Continue reading


As an artist, I wanted to get my work out there, to see if anyone would be willing to buy the things I made. I teamed up with my mom who is a crafter (she crochets tiny things during her free time) and took the plunge.

We created a portfolio of the items we wanted to sell and stocked up on our merchandise. We created signs for our booth and bought racks to jazz it up. Everything was set, but Continue reading

Ola, ola, ola!


Ola patola! It’s great to have you here, I’m really not sure if the things I post here reach people or is this whole blog just an outlet for me to de-clutter my mind.

Just a quick introduction. I am Moreen, an artist and a super bunny-cat from the Philippines. I draw and paint for a living and I care for rescued animals to live.

This isn’t the first time I have claimed to be back blogging. It sucks how you want to share a lot of things to the void called “The Internet” but don’t have time to do so, either that, or I’m just too lazy. At the same time, when you post something in your blog, you’re not really sure if there’s anyone out there reading. But, what the heck.

I will do my best to give back to the world and share the lessons I’ve learned through out the course of my existence.

At the same time, I do wish to hear from anyone who is on the same page as I am.