Hi, I’m Moreen and I’m an artist from the Philippines, I’m also moyeedoll on most of the social media platforms.

Through-out the years I have tried out multiple art forms, from the performing arts, to painting, to crafting artisan products. I have also learned different skills in creating handmade goods along with my family. Maker’s markets, craft shows, and online stores were my avenue to sell whatever I created.

HANDICRAFTS STORE MO. The word “Mo” in Tagalog means “yours” however, to me, Moreen, this is also what my family calls me, my nickname, MO.

My store, MO, used to be where I sold cookies, back in 2014. Life happened and I was not able to continue baking for a while. Since then, I have been a part of a couple of collaborative stores with her family members such as eenieminniemo, which focused on stickers, art prints, crochet pieces, and other types of stationery, and Studio Cyber, a personalized printing studio.

Now, I decided it’s time to focus on MO again, this time, working on putting everything I love together and creating handmade products that are more functional, practical, and decorative for homes, offices, other spaces. All the products listed in my store is something I have either designed, crafted, or curated.

For questions, commissions, art trades, projects, orders, or what-so-ever, shoot me an email at or simply send me a meow through some alley cats. You can also reach out about our shop here.